You should know about Tamil brides' symbols of marriage

The lady of the hour is dressed in a red-toned saree with heavy gold gems and a marriage haircut loaded with blossoms and trimmings on the brow. Each body part of the lady of the hour is embellished with lovely gold decorations. Both the families offer significance in choosing the Muhurtham sarees and adornments.

Tamil Bride

The demonstration of marriage is brimming with imagery. It represents the fundamental relationship between males and females to create a new life that is sustainable. The wedding band, the joining of hands, and the presence of small children around the lady are all symbols of wedding traditions.

Tamil was a land of social divisions and extremists, and there is still casteism in Tamil Nadu today. In Tamil Nadu, each caste has a type of thali, the same kind of meethi (toe ring), and wears bangles. Some castes have two thalis; one worn inside the home and the other outside.

1. Taali

A chain called "Taali" also called "Mangalsutra"

2. Kumkum

Kumkum on the forehead as well as on the partition at the center of the head.

a. The main philosophical reason is that "Kumkum" is kept on the forehead which is also the presence of the third eye or the "eye of consciousness" Though there are lots of females who use to keep "Kumkum" even before marriage

3. Jasmine flowers

"Jasmine flowers" even can be kept before or after marriage, but the thing is that most husbands would prefer to give it as a gift almost every evening on return from work.

a. The current trend is that couples accumulate lakhs of rupees to spend some time on valentines day to express love.

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