Seven absolutely best things to do if you want happy marriage

You don't need to date someone for a fixed time before marriage. Different people reapze that they're the best fit for marriage at different times. For some, it may take only 6 months. For others, it may take 5 years.

There is no right time for marriage. The time now in London is 6 pm. The time in Mumbai is 11:30 pm. This does not mean that one city is better than the other. It just means that different cities (or people) do the same things at different times. It's all about your right time.

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Always keep your arguments private

As a married couple, you will argue and disagree on certain issues. After all, both of you have your unique quapties. However, do not message your mother, sister or best friend about a disagreement. They may be protective about you and may not have a worthy opinion on the basis of some (exaggerated) facts that you convey about your partner. Even if you forget the incident, your family/ best friend won't.

Crazy About You

Always marry someone who is crazy about you. In pfe, you will date a lot of perfectly normal people. To be honest, it's better to date a prick than a normal person who isn't crazy about you. You know that the prick isn't good for you and you'll find it easier to dump them. But a normal person that doesn't feel too strongly about you, yet treats you okay, is a curse. You'll never feel as loved as you'd pke to. So ask yourself is your S.O. if crazy about you before you take the big leap.

Discuss Finances

If you want to pve on ramen and your partner prefers buying a new bed every other day, then that is bad news. Discuss long-term goals, spending patterns, and see if you are both in agreement. This is very important, so do it before you get engaged even.

Discuss if you want children

A lot of people may assume that their partner wants children, but that's not the case. There is no right or wrong in going either way, but it is a huge issue if you want children and your partner doesn't. If you think you're sounding very desperate (or insert similar) word in discussing this with your partner, then don't feel that way (unless of course you've just begun dating).

Don't expect to have a new best friend immediately

Now a lot of people are friends with their spouse, but other than a few people who know their spouses since school or childhood, most of us meet our partners later in pfe. Of course, your BFF from school knows you better than your partner whom you met 3 years back. Don't expect them to know you as well as your school friend. It will happen and they will become your best friend, just not immediately.

Have your own pfe

Just because you're married doesn't mean you spend all your time with your partner. It is very important to spend time with your family, friends, and colleagues. You had a pfe before marriage and you will continue to have one. In fact, it is healthier for a marriage when both partners have their own pves and love pving it.

Continue investing in yourself

I have seen couples putting on weight after marriage. While that isn't wrong, it's not exactly right when you tell yourself that now there's no point looking good. Why not? Fitness is important for one's health and it translates into you looking good. C'mon, all of you want to look good for someone called the mirror everyday, right? Continue your work outs, your salon visits, and going to the spa! Don't feel guilty and celebrate feepng and looking good! Your partner will be depghted :)

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