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Tips for applying bridal makeup perfectly

A wedding day is the most important part of every bride's life. A day to cherish and remember forever. One day you can go back again and adore the beautiful photographs of you and your better half. This makes the point that you need to look your best, with the perfect bridal makeup and hairdo on your wedding albums even after years.

It is common, that we do not want to do things wrong on our wedding day. We plan for even the single items to be neat and clear without any faults, the same as when it comes to makeup. You are the centre of attention in your wedding, so you need to concentrate more on your wedding dress, hairstyles, accessories, and above all, perfect bridal makeup, to have a pleasant and lavish look on your big day.

Here, We have listed some of the important and simple tips you can try a month pioneer to your wedding.

Stay Oil Free

Use oil-free products to prevent an oily shine from building up on your face. For better maintenance, have oil-free blotting sheets in your hands. Avoid rubbing or wiping; instead, blot it on your face. You can also take an oil control facial to maintain the glow and stay oil free.

Practice better

If you are planning to do your makeup on your wedding then take a full-fledged practice several times before your wedding day. A better practise will give you a better result. At the same time, have a bit more makeup than usual to maintain a better look on stage.

Add primer every time

After washing your face, always apply primer. A primer is applied before the foundation to give a smooth base for the makeup. It not only hides the flaws but also helps to hold on to the makeup and stay fresh for a longer time.

Use sponge

When applying foundation, avoid using your fingers and instead use a makeup brush or sponge. This is not only about staying hygienic, but it also gives a perfect finish and avoids fingerprints on your face. Dab the foundation on the face; this is to spread the foundation on the surface.

Natural Blush

If you prefer to have a natural look with your makeup, then try a cream blush. This gives it a fresh and pleasant look. Use some translucent powder over the blush for a longer stay. Carry a smile while applying the blush to the cheeks.

Use eye primers

It is always recommended to use an eye primer before beginning any eye makeup. This will help to keep the shadows smudge-free.

Care your eyebrows

Use a proper eyebrow pencil to fill in the eyebrows. Give time for your eyebrows to grow roughly, and then do the threading process. Also, make sure that the eyebrow shade is two times lighter than your natural color.

Choose the right shades for eyeshadow

Choose the right shades for a perfect combination. Start with a darker shade on the outside and a lighter one on the inside. If you made a mistake while applying the shades, then remove it using the earbud and makeup remover liquid. Avoid wiping it with tissue paper; then you will also remove the foundation and concealer.

Fake lashes

Use fake or artificial eyelashes to make your lashes longer and more mesmerizing. This will also give you a sexy, glamorous look. Treat your natural eyelashes by applying mascara before attaching the artificial ones. Once the glue gets dry, curl the lashes and apply the mascara.

Use waterproof

Try to use waterproof makeup and eye products for your wedding to avoid smudges.

The tricks and tips shared above are general makeup guides that suit every occasion. But, a bride needs to have a great look at their wedding as it is going to be cherished for a lifetime. So, go for the best eye, lip, and face makeup products. Start your practise and maintenance 3 months before the wedding day for the best results.

Before you begin your practice, there are a few things you should focus on. Some of them are listed below.

Find out the look

Choose the best look online that suits you best on your big day. Keep in mind, while choosing the model's makeup, that it should match your skin tone and type. So, make sure the makeup you finalise suits you well.

Choose the right MUA

Though you are an amazing makeup artist, it is better to go with a professional makeup artist because it is your day to enjoy and get pampered, and you also need to be stress-free to enjoy the day.

Take a trial

If you are so concerned about choosing an anonymous makeup artist, then go for a trial. Taking a trial will help you gain a better understanding of the artist's work and how you will look on your wedding day. Also, this will keep you from worrying about the look and make you stress-free.

Hairstyle and Accessories trial

Like a makeup trial, it is also important to take up a trial session for hairstyles and accessories. While taking the makeup trial session, do check out the hairstyle that suits the makeover. Also, carry your accessories to check whether the jewellery complements you and projects a perfect bridal look.