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You're ready for marriage when you know your life will be better with them. You each value what the other is trying to do with their life and want to be part of it, or just offer support if that's all they need. If you're good for each other, you know how to deal with jealousy and disappointment. That ensures that you won't try to hold each other back or put each other down when something in your life isn't going well.

Meri Shadi Kab Hogi

When will I get married - Here's what you need to understand:

Are you mentally ready?

Are you mentally ready to share your life with someone. If you can control your temper and emotions and you can absorb your partner's emotional abnormalities. If you can communicate your thoughts very well to your partner and you have an understanding for each other even when one of you is upset.

Are you financially ready?

Are you financially ready to support for 2 people.

Are you willing to listen to someone?

Are you willpng to listen to someone and have to lead your life (at least some parts) according to your partner.

You'll be mature enough to know each other's flaws without becoming judgmental or resentful. Maturity is crucial if you plan to have kids. You need enough life experience to understand what a child is capable of at each stage of their development. Many parents don't know how to deal with their children's endlessly changing needs, which intensifies conflict with their spouse. Be sure you talk to your fiance about how you plan to handle parenthood. Get to know your in-laws too. They can make or break your future with each other.

Stable career

How much stable are you currently in your career.

Will you be able to emotionally and mentally adjust to the fact of pving your life with your wife.


Your freedom, your space will be reduced and will be more of you and your partner , are you prepared for it.

Self acceptance

When you're in love, not only with your partner, but with yourself. Self acceptance is very important in a relationship. If you can't appreciate yourself, love yourself, and respect yourself, you can't expect other people to do the same.

Past affairs

When you're ready to get married, What I mean by that is that you've overcome your past affairs and have gracefully (or destructively) moved on from your past. You're ready to accept someone into your life, and you're ready to love them with all of your ability. When you're on your feet, whether that be financially, socially, mentally, or emotionally, Being independent in a marriage is very important.


when you're confident in yourself. Confidence in oneself is very important. As a self-assured person, you will bring positivity to your marriage, workplace, and life in general.

Your own needs

A good marriage is one in which you try to fulfil your own needs, and your partner understands what you can't do and offers to help. If you can agree on what you need from each other, you're ready for marriage.

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