Shadi ke liye ladki ka mobile number (How to ask girls' mobile number for marriage)

Sometimes you have to stick with the "old school" rules since they work as well as new ones. Remember, it all starts with believing in yourself. Next time you're interested in having shadi ke liye ladki ka mobile number, don't hesitate walk up to her and get her number!

Shadi ke liye ladki ka mobile number

Through social media

You may try messaging her on Quora or Facebook. Mention that you had come across her profile on XYZ matrimonial site. Say that you'd like to know more about her. Would she be willing to pursue this further? You have the option of not mentioning why you contacted her on this site. If you want, mention that, since you'd better talk to her before looping in the parents.

Through your parents

In 99% of cases, you have to deal with the girl's parents through your parents. Arranged marriage requires the consent of both sides' parents. When you search for a girl on the matrimonial website, all you need to do is ask for shadi ke liye ladki ka mobile number. When you get her contact number, you can ask for meetings as well. if she shows interest in you as well.

If you guys are staying apart (miles apart) and everything seems rosy on the phone, don't get too swayed by all of it. Wait until you come to India to finally say the word "marriage." Never commit over the phone or Skype.

You are the ONLY one who is asking

Don't think "you are the only one in her life." She may be talking to a lot of prospective grooms at the same time. She may continue to do so until you two make a commitment to each other or decide to date.

Get enough courage

Get enough courage to start the conversation. How hard is it to say "hi" or "hello"? All you need is the courage and the confidence to walk up to that girl and introduce yourself. It will be easier for you to ask her questions-one of which could be "shadi ke liye ladki ka mobile number." Believe in yourself and condition your mind to believe that nothing is impossible.

Be polite

Don't look desperate. Say hello, smile, introduce yourself, drop a few compliments, make eye contact, and that's it! Politeness, as well as gentlemanliness, can take you a long way. When you approach a woman, give your best smile and walk with proper poise. Look her in the eyes as you speak, never on her chest or anywhere else that she may notice and feel uncomfortable. It would only make you seem desperate, and yes, it can be a huge turn-off.

Be a listener

An important part of how to ask girls' mobile numbers for marriage is to be a good listener. What is the use of a good conversation if the people involved in it are not listening at all? As in dating, sometimes you have to be the listener and do a whole lot of nodding as the girl speaks. If you happen to be a good listener, you could win her trust and, most of all, her phone number.

Think of the BEST things to say

Girls might want to talk about themselves, so ask them what their hobbies are as well as their interests. This can be a very good topic as you get to know each other. Sometimes, you have to be the listener, so give her the chance to speak her mind. Listen to her since they could contain bits and pieces of information you might need later on. Pay attention to her, and even if the conversation gets boring, never yawn or look bored in front of her face. It would only offend her and this will not win you shadi ke liye ladki ka mobile number.

Be straightforward

If she seems settled and comfortable around you, now would be the best time to ask her shadi ke liye ladki ka mobile number. Say things like, "Hey, we should talk again some other time." "Can I ring you up?" Or you can go as such, "Give me your number and I'll call you so you can have mine." Be straightforward, and a lot of things could get done. You have to get rid of it in the meantime since those mannerisms can be distracting.

So don't get all romantic and mushy until it's final or about to be. Good luck with your quest!

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