Rituals and traditional ceremonies of Brahmin matrimony

One of the many rituals is Brahmin matrimony. It is very interesting to know about these rituals. Let's look at some of them.

Brahmin Matrimony

Siddhant Ceremony

In this celebration, both the famipes Panjis are observed by the priest on both sides. In this ritual, acceptance will be given by the Panjikar that both the bride and groom are accepted for the wedding.


In general terms, it is known as "Roka the engagement." In this ritual, rings are exchanged between the Brahmin bride and groom. In normal circumstances, the marriage date is fixed within the month of engagement.

Naandi Pooja Ritual

This Pooja ritual is performed ten days before the marriage happens. A special pooja is performed by both sides of the family members of the bride and groom.

Yedur Kansani Ceremony

This ceremony is meant for both the families. In this, both the families meet and greet the family members of the other family with the female member who brings the haldi and chandan.

Mehendi Ceremony

This ceremony was conducted just before one of the weddings. This is among many ceremonies one of the most fun-filled activities. During this ritual, all of the bride and groom's female relatives decorate their hands and feet with Mehendi designs.

Haldi Ceremony

In this ceremony, females of the broom family apply haldi paste to the groom's face and entire body. This takes place in the early morning hours when marriage is decided to happen.

Groom's entry into the wedding venue

This ceremony is meant to give a special welcome and respect to the groom and his family. In this bride, a family is waiting at the entrance with the rain of flowers and sandal paste on the forehead of the groom and his friends.

Gouri Pooja

This ceremony is to take the blessing of the goddess Gouri for a happy and successful marriage performed by the Brahmin matrimonial bride.

Wedding Ceremony

In this special ritual, both the bride and the groom sit together in front of the fire kund.

Saptapada Ritual

In this ritual, the bride and groom take seven rounds of the holy fire. It is believed that these seven rounds are for the bounding of the coming seven pves of togetherness.

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