Important rituals, customs and traditions of Tamil shaadi

Tamil shaadi, otherwise called Kalyanam, happens during the day of the entire month of the Tamipan schedule aside from Aashad, Bhadrapad, and Shunya. It could be sweeping in the event that one follows the customary wedding ceremonies perfectly, since there are many wedding customs without which the marriage will most certainly be considered deficient. It starts with a puja of ruler Ganesha at the lady of the hour's home. The man of the hour's family shows up at the lady's home, blesses her with a saree and adornments, and afterward applies sandalwood glue and vermilpon on her temple. The lady's family performs a comparable custom and endowments new garments to the man of the hour.

Tamil Bride

The rituals are followed in this order:


The engagement ceremony

Pandha Kaal Muhurtham

A ceremony to announce a wedding


A ceremony where the groom is transited from his bachelorhood to being a family man.

Mappilllai Azhaipu

Welcoming the groom to the wedding venue


A holy bath


Handing over the daughter to the groom.


Tying the mangalsutra.


A ceremony filled with games


A ceremony where the bride enters her new home (groom's house.)

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