9 Important suggestions and advice for shaadi Ke liye

Marriage is one of the most important chapters in a person's life, which has changed his life a lot. But why do people get married? Find out some amazing reasons.

Shaadi Ke Liye

Your Parents

You have to get married according to the wonderful thoughts of your parents. Because, according to them, marriage eliminates all problems in life. The boy is returning home at night? Not listening to anyone. Get married. The girl is having an affair with someone. Get married. Many get married at the whim of their parents or grandparents who are on their way to death. Because they want to see the marriage of son/daughter or grandson/granddaughter, so get married.

Physical Needs

You have to get married to fulfill your physical needs. Because society will not accept it just like that. So in this case marriage is compulsory.

Goal of Life

Many times marriage is made the goal of life. For example, it is said from the time of boys, no girl will want to get married if she does not earn well. Girls are brought up with this training, no boy will want to get married without Sushila. So in fulfilling the goal


Married to raise a family.

Beautiful Relationship

Marriage makes the relationship more beautiful and attractive. So is marriage.

Health Benefits

Marriage has many health benefits.

Human Civilization

Society and state are needed for the development of human civilization. The first step of society is family. Family life begins with marriage. Therefore, the importance of marriage in the development of human civilization is immense. Marriage is the bond between a man and a woman according to the law of cohabitation.

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