Rituals and traditional ceremonies of Tamil matrimony

Tamil weddings are full of rituals and traditional ceremonies. It starts with marriage brokers bringing brides photos with their horoscopes. The whole family is involve in this process of selecting suitable Bride for their boy.

Next step is visiting the would be bride's home. Bridegroom, father, mother sisters and close relatives are the group who attend the function

Tamil Matrimony

Pen Parrthal is a interesting event where the rejection or acceptance of the Bride will be taken place. Average 20 to 30 girls one boy will see in his life time. Some times girl will reject the boy. His education and income counts for their decision. Demo by the Bride in music and dance will be the highlight of the Pen Parthal event.

For my wedding I decided to select my life partner by myself without disturbing my parents. I was working outside India at that time, I selected three girls from Bangalore,Madurai and Cochin. and one week holidays.for selection.

I told my father that I will go alone and see all the three girls and select one among them. I bought three Shaffer's pen sets to give to my would be father-in-law.

My first visit was Bangalore after landing at the Airport I found my parents, sister and brother in law were waiting for me. They convinced me that one should not go alone for such function.

we went to the girl's house and presented the pen set to him stating that it is token of friendship whether marriage is materialize or not.After cordial talk, we left the place telling them, we will reply in few days time. After coming to the hotel my Dad asked my opinion about the girl. I said it is o.k for me but to see the other two girls as I promised.. My dad said if you o.k this girl, why should we waste time.

Immediately he called his Sampanthi and the very next day we were engaged. The two Pen sets are still with me. So, I married the first girl I met.

Marriage rituals more or less same for all the castes like Mudaliyar, Chettiar, Maravar and Nadar.

Will take two kalyamandapams for Bride and groom. Marriage are different kinds, Ayer conducting, self respect group (DK) and politicians conducting weddings.

Usually marriage expenses are bear by the bride's side. Some time it is shared by both parties.

Now Temple marriage, Resort marriage and beach weddings are popular.

The rituals are followed in this order:

  • Nichayathartham - The engagement ceremony
  • Pandha Kaal Muhurtham - A ceremony to announce a wedding
  • Vratham - A ceremony where the groom is transited from his bachelorhood to being a family man.
  • Mappilllai azhaipu - Welcoming the groom to the wedding venue
  • Mangalasnanam - A holy bath
  • Kannigadhanam - Handing over the daughter to the groom.
  • Mangalyadharanam - Tying the mangalsutra.
  • Nalangu - A ceremony filled with games
  • Gruhapravesam - A ceremony where the bride enters her new home