Stunning engagement lehenga designs for brides

Your engagement will be one of the very first events of your wedding. To inspire brides-to-be such as yourselves, we've handpicked some of the most stunning engagement outfits for you.

Anarkali Lehenga

Anarkali lehengas are the ethnic attire that will always be the most popular choice. Anarkali Lehenga or Umbrella lehenga give the best flare. Also, this style will never go out of fashion.

Anarkali silhouette lehenga

Image Source - Fabja

Crop Top and Skirt

A crop top and skirt is a variation on a lehenga. For those people who are not comfortable showing off their waist or don't have the body type to carry a lehenga, this will be a great option. It has the added advantage of allowing you to mix and match the top and the skirt.

Fuss-free lehenga

Image Source - Sassafras

Double Dupatta

A styled dupatta takes your traditional look to a whole new level. Duptta should be styled in such a way that it adds to the beauty of your lehenga. The fabric of the dupatta also plays an important role in making or breaking your entire ethnic look.

Double dupattas

Image Source - Roop Vatika Design

Embroidery Work Lehenga

For her big day, the bride chose a gorgeous red lehenga. You can go for silk, cotton silk, or satin. All these have a sheen to them, and you can have different thicknesses in them. When you add hand embroidery, they will look amazing.

Embroidery work lehenga

Image Source - Pernias Popup Shop

Exaggerated Sleeves

Exaggerated sleeves are the latest inclusion if you are not into traditional embellishments. Your sleeves are cut to allow exaggerated movements of your arms. The long tunic, which appears as if it would impede your movement, also allows freedom of motion.

Exaggerated sleeves

Image Source - Fab Topper

Fishtail Lehenga

Fishtail lehenga has become popular in recent times. It has a wide bottom and it becomes narrow as it goes up and hence worn with a proper bodysuit beneath.

Fishtail Lehenga

Image Source - Kalki Fashion

Flared Lehenga

The lehenga is adorned with many pleats at the waist, which break out as they go down. A fabric known as cancan fabric gives any lehenga or skirt a flared appearance. That fabric is placed underneath a lehenga in such a way that it looks fluffy and flared.

Flared lehenga

Image Source - Indian Rani

Floral Lehenga

Floral lehengas are those with flower prints on them. Floral is the symbol of freshness and beauty. That is why designers always go for floral prints and patterns for their collections.

Floral lehenga

Image Source - Panash India

Indo-Western Dresses

Indian-Western dress designs have become very popular now. This style helps keep the attire light while also making it look traditional and pretty. By mixing and matching different outfits, you can create a variety of looks. You can pair shrugs and lehengas together. Incorporating shirts with traditional skirts also looks chic and pretty. You can also try mixing crop tops with traditional lachas.

Indo-Western dresses

Image Source - Sylk Online Store

Lehenga with Saree

A modern approach to wearing lehenga is a blend of lehenga with saree. Lehenga with saree is a beautiful blend of a traditional saree and a lehenga choli. It's a more convenient way to wear a traditional outfit without the hassle of forming pleats. Brides who want to wear a saree on their wedding day have to tuck and drape this beautiful outfit.

Choose a sassy saree

Image Source - Tamanna Punjabi Kapoor

Organza Lehenga

The chic and organza lehenga is top of the list for all women who wish to have a voguish touch to their ensemble. The swank of the fall of the fabric is great because of its sheer fabric and glossy finish.

Organza lehenga

Image Source - Mirraw

Off-White Lehenga

Due to its unparalleled beauty and charm, off-white is a very popular colour today. Every other woman loves to wear the magnificent, stylish, and fashionable off-white lehenga for the occasion. Your dress might look beautiful if it is off-white and has detailed embroidery.

Off white lehenga

Image Source - Maharani Women

Printed Lehenga

The printed lehengas that are in vogue right now would look fabulous. It would look good for engagement. For those always looking out for the latest trend so their fashion game stays on point, in wedding dresses for girls, it's the printed lehengas. No bride compromises their bridal charm during the wedding festivities. As a result, printed lehengas have been popular in recent wedding seasons.

Printed lehengas

Image Source - Ethnic Plus

Panel Lehenga

A panel lehenga consists of horizontal panels of fabric attached along the flare of the lehenga. The volume of the flare is increased because there are too many panels of fabric. And to add to it, a contrasting set of fabrics is used to create colourful designs.

Panel lehenga

Image Source - Kreeva

Pre-Draped Sarees

Pre-draped sarees are a relief to those who don't like to wrap sarees on their own. Pre-draped or readymade sarees are easy to wear. No need to make pleats and pallu for sarees. Wear it like a skirt and arrange pallu and get party-ready.

Pre-draped sarees

Image Source - Mani Jassal

Pastel Lehenga

The pastel colors of lehenga which are trending are purple, peach, pink green and beige. Such colors look beautiful and elegant. Pastels are the hottest wedding colours right now! This is seen everywhere, from Bollywood film weddings to actual weddings.

Pastel lehenga

Image Source - Samyakk

Sharara Dresses

A sharara dress is an Indian outfit worn by women during the wedding season. Shararas are fitted at the waist and flow down without any joints. Wearing them with long or short shirts looks very trendy. People also like to add zari, stonework, and motifs to them to give them a festive look. It is a long tunic-style dress that is made of silk.

Sharara dresses

Image Source - Ridhima Bhasin

Shimmer Lehenga

You are going to see a lot of beautiful brides shining on their wedding day in a shimmer lehenga. While designers are decking out lehengas in every shade with lots of shimmer work, silver and gold still remain the most preferred shades.

Shimmery lehenga

Image Source - Nykaa Fashion