Matrimonial advertisement samples for bride and groom

Your matrimonial advertisement will appear in the newspaper only once and repeating ad will cost you again. Your matrimonial advertisement consists of only 5-6 lines, a very short description of your desired partner, an email ID, and a phone number. This is outdated. But why are newspaper matrimonials a success?

Matrimonial Ads

Why matrimonial ad in a newspaper is worthless?

Parents publish newspaper ads 5-6 times and still do not find a suitable match. At first, after the ad was published, they were very excited in the first week, saying that about 50 phone calls, WhatsApp messages, and emails had come.

When they proceed further, that number of probable matches goes down, often to zero, and they republish the ad again, sometimes in the same newspaper and sometimes in a different newspaper. The cheapest matrimonial ad in the top newspaper costs about Rs. 4000-5000, and if you multiply by 5, it becomes Rs. 25,000.

How to book matrimonial advertisement online?

The answer is that most of the parents are still not internet/computer/app savvy and are still talking about arranged marriages. Parents are searching for a prospective partner for their children. They fear using these websites, and even if they register, most parents do not take out premium memberships, fearing whether it will work or not.

They find someone from the same city from the same caste so that after marriage, communication and meetings can be easy with their children. If they are unable to find one, then they will publish an ad in the newspaper.

Start booking matrimonial advertisement

But, the younger generation is more internet savvy and is ready to find their match on matrimonial sites. Some even convince their parents, and most of them understand it.

What is the cost of a matrimonial advertisement?

We don't charge to publish a matrimonial advertisement on our website; it is completely free.

Security tips for publishing matrimonial ads

  • Remember to include your contact information if you want to receive a response.
  • Register with the parent's mobile number. Always register with your parent's mobile number.
  • Always keep your family informed. Share information about the prospective match with your family.
  • Never entertain any request for money. Do not transfer funds or offer financial help to the prospective match.
  • Never share your sensitive personal photographs. While chatting with anyone, do not share any sensitive personal pictures.

Why choose to publish matrimonial ad

  • Easy to publish: We provide an incredible online platform to publish matrimonial advertisements. Fill out the simple form to get your matrimonial ad published online.
  • Completely free: Yes, that's true that you can publish matrimonial ads for free. We don't charge anything, it is completely free.
  • Matrimonial ad samples: You can check matrimonial ad samples to get an idea to draft your ad. We have created various matrimonial ad samples.
  • Own written ad: If you don't want to use any samples, then you can publish your own written advertisement as well.
  • All over India: We publish your Matrimonial Ad all over India.

How to write a matrimonial advertisement

Matrimonial advertisements for a bride

  • Seeks suitable match for our son well-settled, slim, Delhi, owns 3BHK flat
  • Fair, handsome boy, Bhardwaj Gaur Brahmin, B.Tech, working in Jaipur
  • Our son, educated, MBA, working in Pune, is looking for an educated and smart girl.
  • Rajput boy, MBA working in MNC looking for a tall, beautiful, educated, religious girl.
  • Delhi Born, B.Tech, 11 LliA at Mumbai, slim, fair, beautiful, working Bride required.

Matrimonial advertisement for a groom

  • Required a well settled good-looking Rajput boy for a fair beautiful MDS girl
  • Lucknow-based beautiful Manglik girl MBA working in Delhi.
  • Match for Punjabi Brahmin girl MCA CHD Working in Noida IT caste no bar
  • Well-settled Hindu groom for 25 year BBA working Kayastha Girl settled in Delhi.
  • Required a well settled good-looking Rajput boy for a fair beautiful MDS girl

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